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K. Lamb forms relationships with various groups including community organizations and nonprofits, business entities, political leaders both locally and nationally, as well as advocates and influencers.



K. Lamb works to reach various populations, even those typically hard to engage. This involves innovative strategies to meet people where they are in order to bridge communities to information, education and support.


Advocate Support

K. Lamb extends support within various pillars to include education, political, and justice systems to bring awareness of individual and organizational issues and/or positions. We work to educate stakeholders regarding your issue and keep them involved as partners for desired change.


System Navigation

K. Lamb helps you to steer through various constructs that can be difficult to maneuver. Whether it be the education, legal or social services system, we walk hand-in-hand with you through the obstacles of each.


K. Lamb teaches and empowers you to learn how to advocate for yourself with successful outcomes while building lasting relationships that motivate change.


Connections and Engagement

K. Lamb creates a specialized rolodex of contacts that benefits you, and then initiates opportunities for you to connect.


Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging

K. Lamb addresses systemic barriers by challenging status quo system structures via advocating for policy changes that yield more equitable solutions.

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